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Using the Moon Phases to Boost Business Success: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Successful businesses of the future will be those that work in harmony with Nature. Proponents of biodynamic agriculture know that if they sow and reap in tune with the waxing or waning of the moon they will get better results than agriculturalists who simply ignore this rhythm. This applies to your business as well. You can’t be on the go all the time and there have to be times when you can take a step back and enjoy what you’re doing and take a break to ensure you have the strength, good health and insight to make the most of the new cycle ahead.

Solar vs. Lunar Calendar

Our calendar honors solar cycles through the length of the day and the year, but when it comes to the phases of the moon we are fundamentally out of rhythm because we have a 12 month calendar yet there are 13 cycles of the moon in a solar year. The 12 month calendar was invented by Julius Caesar at  the time when the Roman republic was becoming a colonial empire, as a way of coordinating the subjugation of its conquered people – it represents a tool of domination rather than democracy.  The number 13 has been demonized ever since. Read about Friday 13 in this post.

By being aware of the energies of the different phases of the Moon and how to harness them to support our business, we can use them where they can be most useful and influential.


Phases of the Moon

There are four main moon phases to take into consideration and these include:

  1. New Moon: this phase is all about beginnings (yang, masculine energy)

  2. Waxing Moon: this phase is all about discernment and trust (yang, masculine energy)

  3. Full Moon: this phase is all about letting go

  4. Waning Moon: this phase is all about receiving, giving back and connection (yin, feminine energy)

Using the Moon Phases to Boost Business Success

New moon: Day 1: This is a time for reviewing the past month and setting goals for the coming month. It is the best time to work on your vision board, deciding on your business goals for the year or month ahead and gathering ideas for new projects. As the New Moon is literally a fresh start that happens every lunar cycle (approximately 28 days) you don’t have to just set your goals and business plans in the New Year, you can and should come back to them around this time each month and have a ponder over things while this energy is abundant.

Waxing moon: from the day after new moon utill full moon (2-14 days) – put ideas out, initiate new projects, make connections with people, promote activities and products you want to generate support for. As the moon waxes in size into the Waxing Crescent and that energy grows, write down your intentions, put your vision board on the wall and consider how you’re going to make your goals a reality. Now is the time to do the tasks you’ve been putting off for so long that can take your business to the next level (yes, even those really scary networking events!) You’ll feel that final burst of momentum with the Waxing Gibbous Moon and you’ll begin to notice things falling into place. This might be onboarding new clients, seeing your new website launched and generally feeling that everything is going to be a success.

Full Moon: The Full Moon is where the Sun and Moon are on the opposite sides of the earth, and everything is in balance. The circle is complete and now is the time to be reaping the benefits of your goals and intentions. It’s a time to celebrate the successes you’ve had and enjoy these feelings of abundance.  It’s also a time for letting go of what hasn’t worked, any negatives or obstacles that you have met with.  Write them down and burn them, it’s a great way to let them go!

Waning moon (Day after full moon to day before new moon 15-28): Reflecting on your wins comes a few days later with the Waning Gibbous Moon. By getting introspective, being grateful for what you’ve accomplished and using the Moon’s energies to focus on where you could improve you can come back to your business plan and find ways to improve on it. Now’s a great time to be using Oracle, Angel or Tarot cards for some extra guidance if you’re unsure of what you should be turning your attention to. Reap the harvest of what you have sown, tie up loose ends, finish things off and clear the decks. After contemplation, you need to release anything that’s holding you back in your business.  Clear your mind, home (and business premises!) of any clutter and negativity. Use singing bowls, crystals, smudging sticks, incense, wax melts – anything that will help you drive out the negativity lingering around you.

The Waning Crescent Moon Is often when we feel at our lowest mentally and physically, so this is the time to rest and prepare for the fresh start that’s just around the corner with the next New Moon. You can’t use the New Moon’s energies if you’re burned out and exhausted, so self-care is key here, look after yourself, you deserve it!


And then...Repeat the cycle again.


Simple yet powerful.

Are you using the different energies of the moon phases in your business?

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